Signed polemical articles represent the views of the authors. Unsigned articles represent the views of the editors.

Political Polemics

  • Reply to Conrad, Rogers and Macnair a response by Paul Cockshott to criticisms leveled of his position by various CPGB authors.
  • Review of Mike Macnairs book Revolutionary Strategy, A critical assesment of the book.
  • Ideas of Leadership and Democracy, A critique of the idea of leadership in revolutionary movements and how it relates to mass democracy.
  • Programming Class Struggle and Social Revolution, J Richter, this is an attempt to update the classical ideas of German Social Democracy as expressed in the Erfurt Programme and apply them to the present day.
  • Democracy without Politicians, Dave Zachraih, a defence of direct democracy.
  • Marxism of the 21st Century An article originally published in German in Junge Welt in 2007. A call for the development of a new working class political economy.
  • Direct and Economic Democracy in Ancient Athens and its Significance Today (TAKIS  FOTOPOULOS) a defence of the ancient model of direct democracy. The author of this paper does not appear to be a socialist and we do not endorse his current economic views, but his analysis of the nature of economic democracy and direct democracy is valuable.
  • The Socialist Mode of Production an article looking at the distinguishing features of the socialist mode of production and why the first socialist states lost the struggle with capitalism.( Updated July 2000)
  • The distinguishing features of Leninist Politics. Originally appeared in the journal Communist Formation.
  • Six theses on the communist movement Originally appeared in Open Polemic.
  • Marxist Leninist Organisation in Britain We must cease to endlessly reenact, (in pantomime form), the struggles of the past and focus upon developing political activity in the present which has the goal of achieving revolutionary transformation in the future.
  • Against Republicanism A defence of radical democracy angainst the romance of the republic, by Paul Cockshott.
  • Against anti-Imperialism A critique of some nationalist deviations disguised as communism.
  • Against Nationalism 'the falsest of all false paths' De Leon.
  • Why did the Soviet Union Collapse: arguments against the conspiracy theory of Soviet collapse, by Ted Hankin.
  • Reform or revolution in Marxist Politics Looks at the circumstances in which reformist and revolutionary methods are applicable.
  • Philosophical polemics

    Historical Materialism and the repudiation of subjectivism
    Talk at an Open Polemic conference.

  • Agitational polemics

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